How Long After Crown Lengthening Can I Get A Crown?

How Long After Crown Lengthening Can I Get A Crown?

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Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure that serves a few different purposes. It involves the removal of periodontal (gum) tissue to expose more of a tooth. One of the reasons for crown lengthening is to make room for a dental crown to be placed over a damaged tooth. 

If your dentist has recommended crown lengthening in preparation for dental crown placement, you may be wondering how long after the procedure you’ll have your permanent crown. Here’s what you can expect. 

What is Crown Lengthening? 

In a crown lengthening procedure, the crown of the tooth is not physically being lengthened. Gum tissue is being removed so that more of the natural tooth material is visible. The procedure can be done with a scalpel to cut away tissue, but a dental laser is a less invasive tool with many additional benefits. Using a concentrated beam of light energy to remove gum tissue, it naturally cauterizes the tissue as it goes, reducing bleeding and accelerating recovery. 

What is a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover placed over an existing tooth that is severely decayed or damaged. A crown is most often made of porcelain because of its natural appearance, but crowns can also be made of metal. In many cases the tooth enamel must be reduced to make room for the crown. But in some cases there is not enough tooth enamel above the gumline to attach a crown, and crown lengthening may provide a solution. 

How Can Crown Lengthening Make a Dental Crown Possible?

Crown lengthening removes gum tissue so that more of the tooth material is available. At least 2 millimeters of tooth material or one quarter of the tooth needs to be exposed for a crown to fit. Once enough tooth material is exposed, a dental crown can be placed where it would otherwise not be possible. 

When Will I Have My Permanent Crown? 

After crown lengthening the gum tissue will need to have time to heal before a crown can be placed. The use of a dental laser can allow the gum tissue to heal faster, but it could still take a few months to be fully healed. You may have a temporary crown placed while the gum tissue heals, or the tooth may need to remain uncovered during healing. Once the gum tissue has fully healed a permanent crown can be placed over the tooth. 

Benefits of Crown Lengthening for Dental Crown Preparation

There are many benefits to having a crown lengthening procedure in order to make room for a dental crown:

  • Preserve the natural tooth root. A dental crown allows the natural root of the tooth to remain in place in the jaw, acting as an anchor to hold the tooth in place. Once the restoration is complete you have a fully functional, naturally looking tooth. 
  • Avoid tooth replacement. By preserving the natural tooth with a crown you can avoid having to replace the tooth with a bridge or dental implant. Crown lengthening and dental crown placement are simpler procedures that take less time overall. 
  • Save money. Crown lengthening and a dental crown together typically cost less than dental implant placement or even a dental bridge. 
  • Results last many years. A dental crown lasts an average of 15 years, but with excellent care and maintenance it can last for 30 years or more. 

Who Offers Crown Lengthening? 

Crown lengthening may be performed by general dentists or periodontists. Hudson Valley Periodontics & Implantology specializes in procedures affecting the periodontal tissue, better known as the gums. We provide laser crown lengthening to prepare your tooth for a crown in the least invasive way possible, because we believe that your comfort is as important as your dental health. 

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