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What are the signs of gum disease? How can you tell if it’s affecting your smile? This common gum infection is most common for those who have poor oral hygiene, but genetics, age, hormonal changes, and bad health habits can all increase your risk. Learn the symptoms of gum disease today so that you are ready to receive treatment as needed.

Gum disease prevention requires regular oral exams to detect any indications of gum irritation. Leaving gum disease untreated will result in the early gingivitis progression to invasive infection and severe tooth loss. Notify Hudson Valley Periodontics and Implantology today if you experience any changes in your gum health.

Early signs of gum disease include a red and swollen appearance to your gums and the tendency to bleed easily. You may also notice your teeth looking longer as a result of the infected gum tissue receding from the teeth. Persistent bad breath and loose, shifting teeth should also be reported to our dentist, who can diagnose the symptoms and determine if gum disease treatment is needed.

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