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Caring for your smile is important for numerous reasons. Not only can your teeth suffer oral ailments, but so to can your gums. If you are not adequately taking care of your gum tissue, a serious illness can arise in the form of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, exists when your gums become infected. Thus, it is important to always look for signs and symptoms of the presence of gum disease.

Protecting your smile against the dangers of gum disease is essential to ensure your oral health care can continue as normal. Gum disease can progress over many years and can often come with numerous symptoms to alert you of its presence. If you require additional oral health care to determine if gum disease this present, visit your dentist for a comprehensive oral examination.

To help diagnose symptoms of gum disease, always look for any abnormalities are irregularities in your gums. This can arise due to the presence of pus or sores, or even something as minor as inflammation or swelling of your gums that arise from time to time. In addition, if your teeth are overly sensitive or moving, it may be linked to an infection of your gums.

A common condition often associated with gum disease is gum recession. Gum recession refers to your gums pulling back away from your teeth thereby exposing more surface area of a tooth. This can help destabilize your teeth and can cause them to be extremely loose or even separate. In addition, if you experience any symptoms of painful chewing, bleeding gums, or bad breath, as gum disease may be to blame.

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