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If you’re interested in improving the appearance of an unattractive tooth, then you should consider taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry. One top-of-the-line treatment offered is dental bonding. Dental bonding involves your dentists, Dr. Sid Tucker and Tucker, taking dental resin, placing it over your tooth, and hardening it. This hides the tooth imperfections. There are many benefits to this treatment. Those benefits are:

-Dental bonding can fix many different types of problems. Some common problems it can fix include tooth chips, tooth cracks, tooth breaks, tooth discoloration, and even small gaps between teeth.

-Dental bonding can help your tooth and smile without being extensive. This means it can give you the results you’re looking for without harming the tooth or requiring a lot of treatment time. The treatment is even considered less extensive than dental veneer and dental crown treatment.

-Dental bonding can treat your tooth and smile in a short amount of time. Typically, your dentist can complete the entire treatment within one appointment at our office. Many other treatments require a waiting period of one or more weeks.

Do you have questions about dental bonding in Bardonia, New York? If so, please contact our dental team at Hudson Valley Periodontics and Implantology today. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment to find out if this treatment is right for you. All you need to do is dial 845-623-6666 now!