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Although most teens don’t get credit for the difficulties they face, there are indeed many obstacles that become present during the years of a young adult. At a time when the last of their permanent teeth are growing in, the wisdom teeth, one of the last things on a teen’s mind is typically their oral health. However, it is also the time when they are often most vulnerable.

Teens partake in numerous activities that threaten the safety of their teeth and gums. One particular activity is through sports. Although sports are fun and a common pastime for many individuals, numerous oral accidents and injuries occur due to blunt trauma and blows to the face and jaw areas. Fortunately, safety equipment does exist to help protect yourself from any risks that can arise. If you play a sport that contains risks to your oral health, always wear the appropriate gear, including mouth guards, helmets, and mask shields

Mouth jewelry is another common risk factor for teens. Typically, mouth jewelry in the form of lip and tongue rings can threaten the safety of your teeth and gums by chipping or cracking teeth, causing bleeding, and even leading to potential infections or choking hazards that can arise. Avoid additional oral health risks by avoiding mouth jewelry.

Peer pressure situations such as using drugs and smoking or chewing tobacco can damage a teen’s oral health. Although it may seem insignificant at the time, even using a dangerous product once can potentially lead to negative consequences on your oral health. Keep your smile safe by avoiding peer pressure situations that can potentially damage your oral health in any way.

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