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The determination of whether or not your jaw strong enough to hold a dental implant will be done by your dentist. If your jaw is not strong enough, bone grafting treatments may be necessary. Bone grafting treatments including bone removal from other areas of your body may be implemented. However, artificial bone grafts can also be customized, designed, and placed within your jaw.

Typically, a bone graft is a decision made based on need. The AAOMS, also known as the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, highly recommends the use of bone grafts in situations where a jawbone is too soft or too weak to successfully hold dental implants in place. If a dental implant does require a bone graft, bone grafts typically must be placed for several months in advance before the implant can be placed.

If you notice signs of a weak jaw in need of a bone graft, fortunately, it can be treated. Hudson Valley Periodontics and Implantology remains committed to your oral health. You are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 845-623-6666. Stop by our dentist office in Bardonia, New York, and Dr. Sid Tucker and our team will give you the treatment you need. We look forward to keeping your oral health in pristine condition.