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The health of your gums can significantly impact your teeth and your overall oral health. There are times when untreated tooth decay or otherwise distressed tooth can cause a dental or oral abscess. This could irritate the gums, or cause pain, and pressure.

A dental cyst is typically slow to develop and can some might even prove to be benign. This could be caused by an emerging wisdom tooth or other form of dental distress. Some dental cysts are sterile and carry no infection. Sometimes these cysts will clear up with time and prescription antibiotics.

If the dental cyst is infected or you are experiencing significant discomfort, Dr. Sid Tucker might recommend having the cyst removed. This will require a minor oral surgery to extract the offending tissues and suture the gums.

A dental abscess is often the result of a severely untreated cavity. This could cause a toothache, or pain and pressure in the underlying gums. Dr. Sid Tucker might be able to treat a minor abscess with a course of prescription antibiotics.

If an abscess is large, or there is the potential to cause a dangerous blood infection, Dr. Sid Tucker might recommend a surgical extraction. This will excise the infected material to prevent further infection.

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